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Check The Condition Of Your Jewelry

You should go through your jewelry box every now and again to check on your jewelry and make sure it is still in good shape. You may wear a piece of jewelry and not notice when you put the piece back into the jewelry box that something had happened to it while you were wearing it. Also, sometimes time can take its toll on a piece of jewelry. If there is anything wrong with your jewelry then you want to have it serviced or repaired, so you can prevent worst damages from happening to it or even to prevent pieces of the jewelry from getting lost, such as a stone or another piece. Here are some things that you want to watch for with regards to your jewelry.

Check the chains

Take out all of your necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Make sure you check all of the links to be sure none of them are at risk of breaking. Next, look at the ends and make sure the hooks are still in good shape. Finally, look at the charms or any other extra pieces that are on them and make sure they are on there securely. If you see any problems, put the entire piece of jewelry in a baggie to take in to have it serviced or repaired.

Check your earrings

Pull all of your earrings out of your jewelry box and make sure all of your earrings are in good condition still. You want to make sure the earring jewelry is not in danger of coming off of the post. You also want to be sure that the post isn't bent. If you notice the above described problems or you find that you have lost the backing to your earring, then you may want to take it in and have the earring fixed or have it matched up with another backing.

Check your rings

Look at all of your rings and make sure you don't see any parts that have worn to the point where they are very thin. If there are thin areas, the ring can be at risk of snapping. You'll want to have more material added to avoid this problem from happening. Also, look at all of the settings to make sure that none of the stones are missing or are at risk of falling out. If there are any issues with your rings, you want to take them in to have them repaired or serviced.

Contact a jewelry repair service for more help.