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Landscape Quilting: 4 Elements Of Nature Batik Fabrics Can Help You Create

Creating a lovely landscape quilt is like sitting down at an easel and painting a beautiful scenery picture. Rich with color and details, a landscape quilt can unleash your artistic side, but selecting the right fabrics for your quilt is important. Batik fabrics are a landscape quilter's best friend and can be used to bring the elements of nature to life in your quilt.

(1) Bodies of water

Whether you are quilting an ocean scene or your favorite local lake, bodies of water can vary vastly in color. The rich color palette of blues and greens found in batik fabrics makes them the perfect choice for recreating bodies of water in your quilt. Look for rich blues and seafoam greens and always take a photo of your scene along when purchasing fabric to find the closet color match.

(2) Flowers

Walking into the batik section of a local fabric store is like walking into a field of flowers. Bold and bright, batiks are a flower designer's delight. Pick your fabrics like you would a colorful floral bouquet and let your imagination run wild.

Create poppies with bold orange fabric. Use rich shades of red fabric to create a bouquet of roses. Look for rich shades of purple batik fabric to create wisterias and turn to white batiks to create daisies or carnations to add a bit of contrast to your landscape quilt.

(3) Foliage

Foliage is an important part of every landscape quilt. From grass to tree leaves, batik fabrics can provide any shade of green you need. Look for shades of olive green to create plant leaves and medium shades of green for tree leaves and grass.

Textured batiks with greens and browns mixed together can be used to create a grassy meadow or field. Greenish-yellow blends of batik fabric can be used to create a springtime grassy field spotted with yellow dandelions.

(4) Rocks

Turn to rich gray or slate blue batiks, when creating a landscape scene that contains a gravel road, mountains, or large boulders. Mountains can appear gray or bluish in landscape scenes. Choose the closet batik fabrics to match your photo to achieve the most realistic outcome in your quilt.

Designing your own landscape quilt is a fun way to bring a favorite scene or vacation spot to life through the art of quilting. With the help of a rich assortment of batik fabrics on hand, you will be able to recreate the elements of nature and design a quilt you will treasure for years to come. For ideas and help, check out a business like The Quilt Jeannie.