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Are You Planning A Birthday For Your Husband Who Loves Airplanes?

Has your husband loved airplanes since he was young enough to see them in the movies or on television shows? If so, you are more than likely focusing on an airplane-themed celebration for your husband's upcoming birthday. Maybe you are looking for ideas that will make this birthday a very special one. 

As you shop for your husband's birthday presents, you can't go wrong by purchasing him limited edition die cast model airplanes. Even if he has one or many, he will probably be delighted to have new ones to add to his collection. That will be especially true if your bank account allows you to purchase more expensive collector die cast model airplanes. 

For instance, an Amphibian or a Thunder Fighter jet would both be great choices to add to your husband's collection. If he loves the StarTrek series of television shows, another idea is for you to select a Star Trek model plane. For a real treat, think of selecting a Fighting Falcon or a Thunder Fighter Jet that is already mounted on a mahogany base. 

No matter the die cast model plane or planes you decide to purchase, be sure to keep all the documents that come with your purchase. 

If your husband doesn't already have a display shelf for the planes he already owns and for the new ones you're going to give him for his birthday, think of selecting a glass one that will show off his collection. 

Besides his die cast model plane gift, it would be fun for you to plan an airplane-themed event for him. For instance, if there is a display of historic airplanes in or near your city, it would probably be fun for him to get to see that with you as a special date.

Maybe you know that your husband would be happiest enjoying a movie at home with his friends and their partners for his birthday celebration. If so, think of showing a movie like Top Gun, Sully, or Air Force One.  No matter what you serve those who attend your husband's birthday event, order a birthday cake that has an airplane as part of the design. 

Many diecast model airplanes are so inexpensive that you can buy several to give to your guests as party favors. At a later date, the guys might even decide they want a date where they can do some trading of the model Limited Edition Diecast Model Planes they already own.