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3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Occasionally Rent Computers

If your employees rely on computer software to accomplish their day-to-day tasks, keeping their computers functional at all times is essential to maintaining a healthy, growing business. You may currently accomplish this by maintaining an inventory of extra computers, carefully scheduling upgrades and updates, and maintaining a moderately sized tech support team. While these methods can lead to success, they come with high costs and extra stress. Instead of trying to manage all of your computer needs on your own, you can work with a computer rental company. Here are a few of the many ways rental computers can help your business.

Get Temporary Computers

Sometimes you just need access to more computers than you would typically store. Businesses typically need temporary access to computers for short-term projects involving temporary employees, expansive trade show displays, and customer or employee training initiatives. In these circumstances, your business's extra computer needs are truly temporary. While you could store the extra computers for the next trade show or project, computers need periodic maintenance and updates to stay fully functional and ready for use. Your technology support team would need to spend extra time before every event to prepare the extra computers for use. Rental computers, on the other hand, come ready for use in all kinds of circumstances. They are also backed by the rental company's tech support team so your team can continue with their daily tasks.

Upgrade Without Worry

In order to keep up with software updates and new software that can improve your employees' workflow, you need to upgrade all of your employees' computers consistently. Your information technology team should be able to handle software and hardware updates, but your employees may still experience downtime while waiting for their computers to be fully updated. To prevent this, you may have considered asking your IT team to work after hours or to get overtime hours. Computer rentals can solve this issue by giving your IT employees ample time to upgrade computers. Simply trade out an employee's computer for a rental computer, then switch it back after the upgrade is complete. Rotate through your employee base using this technique over a period of a few months to upgrade every computer without hassle.

Reduce Technology Storage

Storing extra computers and their accessories sounds like an ideal solution to many problems in the workplace. Stored computers can be subbed in for malfunctioning computers or used by temporary employees. However, they add significant expenses to any budget. Just like all of the other computers in the office, they need to be maintained and upgraded regularly. Instead of keeping computers on hand for sudden needs, you can rent computers for a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own computers. Computer rental companies specialize in the quick delivery and setup of office computers, so you can adapt to changes in your workplace quickly.

To learn more, contact companies offering computer rentals in your area.