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5 Promotional Pen Premimum Features Worth Adding

Promotional pens are an easy and ideal way to promote your business. You can use the pens for giveaways or when customers fill out information at your business. Instead of just selecting a standard pen, consider ordering custom promotional pens with additional features.

Choose one or more of the following features to really take the pens to the next level and allow customers to get more use out of the design.

1. Grips

The simple addition of a grip onto a pen will make the pen appear more high-quality and gives people a lot of extra comfort while they write with the pen. Choose from thicker pens with thicker grips, or just a basic grip design. Some grip options are solid, while others feature textured and patterned designs to create easier ways to hold the pen.

2. Stylus Tips

Even when a person is not writing, they can use promotional pens with your logo on it if the pen has a stylus tip. A stylus tip provides easy use with devices like tablets and touch-screen laptops. The tips are often built into the opposite side of a pen, but some designs may feature stylus tips built into the pen cap.

You also have the option to order custom stylus pens without any ink or writing features built into the design. Just the stylus provides exclusive use for digital devices.

3. Dual-Side Highlighter

As an alternative to a stylus tip, you can order custom promotional pens with a highlighter on the opposite side. The dual-function pen will get more use when people need to highlight notes or sections. Both sides will often come with a cap to protect hands and paper when one side is not in use. Your logo and business information is printed in the center of the pen.

4. Lights

Order custom pens for use in work bags, tools boxes, and purses. Pens with a small built-in flashlight provide a nice little utility and enhance the quality of the pen. Not only does a light look good, but it can be used to help users read or write while in the dark.

5. Colored Gel Ink

A majority of pens include black or blue ink, but you can expand the options with custom gel ink pens. Ideally, you can select an ink color to match your business branding. For example, if you are a garden company or flower shop, you might order custom green gel ink pens. You could also order the custom colors for use around the holidays. Use orange gel ink around Halloween and green or red ink around Christmas.

The extra effort you take to pick out promotional pens for your business will go a long way in building your branding and spreading your business name through promotional products.