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Look For These Characteristics When You Shop For Swaddling Blankets

When you're anticipating having a child, one important item that will be on your shopping list is a supply of swaddling blankets. While some parents-to-be receive this item during their baby shower, you may feel as though you want to shop for this everyday item yourself to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Your local baby retailer carries a selection of swaddling blankets, so you'll be able to assess a number of products until you find a design that suits you. Here are some characteristics to look for as you narrow down the options and find a package of blankets that you wish to buy.


There are plenty of swaddling blankets on the market that don't have zippers, but it's ideal if you choose a product that includes this feature. You'll generally find that it's easy to comfortably get your child in a blanket that has a zipper. This can especially be true if the baby is moving a lot while you're trying to get the blanket in place. Typically, you'll find that the zipper runs vertically down the middle of the blanket, allowing you to access it with ease.

Highly Breathable Fabric

It's important for the fabric in a swaddling blanket to have a highly breathable nature, as this will help to keep the baby comfortable. A blanket that isn't breathable could cause your child to become hot, especially when they're wrapped tightly. This can result in the child becoming fussy, which can create complications. You'll likely find blankets that are made from a few different materials, and you'll want to assess the breathability of each. One popular material is cotton muslin, which has a highly breathable nature.

Cheerful Design

While you can buy swaddling blankets in white, gray, and other colors, it can be fun to look for a selection of blankets that have a cheerful design. New parents often put considerable effort into buying cheerful apparel and accessories for their children, and it can be fun to take the same approach when you buy swaddling blankets. You'll find a wide range of cheerful designs, so you can choose products that simply appeal to you visually or that work well in your new baby's nursery. For example, if you've decorated this room to have an ocean theme that predominantly features white and blue, look for a blanket that includes these hues and has pictures of seashells, boats, or something comparable.

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