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Thriving In A Competitive Region: What a Gift Boutique Should Know

A gift boutique located in a popular travel destination city or along a busy thoroughfare with other shops may not receive the exposure desired. The type of wares that you promote and the overall shopping and customer service experience that your clients receive will have a bearing on how well your boutique does in comparison to your competitors.

The Merchandise

If your gift shop hasn't opened yet and you are still in the pre-planning stage, shopping at some of the other businesses that are located within the area will aid with seeing what types of items are being promoted and the pricing that your competition is using.

You may not want to mimic a particular layout of a store, especially if you want your shop to provide a unique shopping experience. You can, however, focus on a few prominent merchandise types that tend to be sought after in the region. For example, if you live near a waterway, and rafting, fishing, and swimming are popular activities, consider adding a line of water gear to your shop's inventory. These types of items may become popular sellers that will encourage natives and tourists to frequent your shop.

The Shopping And Customer Service Experiences

Clearly marked shelving units or floor displays that highlight the pricing of particular items and any special features that merchandise is noted for will reduce the number of confusing shopping experiences that your customers endure. Separate merchandise based upon what season it is best suited for or the age range that each product is designed for.

In addition, you should use an alphabetized lineup that will allow your clients to navigate your shop or display aisle signage that lists the key items that are located in each one. Train your employees thoroughly and implement a code of conduct that you would like everyone to follow.

Being polite to your customers and helping them with any returns or exchanges will leave your guests with a positive perception of your shop. You may want to offer a satisfaction guarantee for high-priced items that people could potentially be wary of purchasing.

Consider offering a gift wrapping station. This type of setup will save your customers time with the preparation of gifts. It will also aid in increasing your profit margin. You can use LED lighting or standard signage to advertise specials that are being offered at your place of business. If you own a gift shop, these are some recommendations you can follow.