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Three Types Of Butt Plugs To Shop For

If you're a woman who is exploring your wild side while shopping for one or more new sex toys at your local adult store, you may decide to browse through the butt plug section. You'll find several types of this kind of toy at any adult store, whether in person or online. If you haven't previously used a butt plug, you shouldn't be afraid to try it. Take some time to carefully look at several different products until you find one in a size and style that will work for you. Here are three types of butt plugs that you may wish to buy.


Jewelled butt plugs are available in many different materials, including silicone, stainless steel, and even glass. The cotton trait that these toys possess is that they have a synthetic jewel at the large end. These jewels are available in virtually every colour, so you can choose something that complements your skin tone or that simply adds a bright and surprising hue when your partner sees it. Many women choose to leave their jewelled butt plug in place during vaginal intercourse not only because of the sensation that it provides but also because its sparkly appearance can be fun for their partner to see.


You'll also find a selection of butt plugs that have synthetic tails attached to them. The premise of using this type of toy is that when you insert it into your body, you'll look like you have a tail — which is an idea that you and your partner may find enticing and sexy, particularly if you shake your body so that the tail shakes. You'll see butt plugs with tails that look like various animals, including foxes and cats. There are other butt plugs with tails that don't share any visual similarities with real animals. For example, these tails may be brightly coloured or rainbow-hued.


While the above two styles will bring a lot of attention toward your rear end, you might favour wearing a butt plug that doesn't stand out a lot visually. In this scenario, consider evaluating a selection of clear butt plugs. When inserted into your body, the clear appearance of the end that sticks out makes it less visible than other similar toys. This is especially true if the end is on the smaller side.

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